T2 Series of Business-grade IP Phones

Reliable Desktop Voice Solution with HD Voice Quality and Great Value 

The Yealink T2 series of business-grade IP phones features a compact appearance, robust performance and cost efficiency for daily desktop voice communications. The series delivers the industry’s leading HD audio quality and a wide range of telephony features to ensure efficient collaboration. With advanced features such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB connectivity and a paperless design, the Yealink T2 series helps all business users and SMBs in particular to enjoy added value and a productivity boost. 

Yealink T2 Series IP Phone Flyer

Yealink SIP-T27G IP Phone
15,420.80 Kshs 15,420.80 Kshs 15420.800000000001 KES
Limited Stock
Yealink SIP-T29G IP Phone
20,392.30 Kshs 20,392.30 Kshs 20392.3 KES
Limited Stock
Yealink SIP-T21P E2 IP Phone
8,763.26 Kshs 8,763.26 Kshs 8763.26 KES
Replaced by SIP-T31P
Yealink SIP-T23G IP Phone
11,853.52 Kshs 11,853.52 Kshs 11853.52 KES
Replaced by SIP-T33G
Yealink SIP-T19P E2 IP Phone
7,372.46 Kshs 7,372.46 Kshs 7372.46 KES
Replaced by SIP-T30P